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Wellness 2.0

    Visual Identity
    Brand Strategy
    Film and Photography

ØTHERS presented us with a challenge: to revolutionise the wellness industry by surpassing the limitations of traditional Wellness 1.0. They had a clear vision - to forge a new path towards well-being through exposure therapy, sensory tuning, and community-building, all rooted in the principles of holistic science. ØTHERS aimed to be a sanctuary for those disillusioned with mainstream wellness, offering a journey towards true transformation and health.

Throughout our two-year collaboration with ØTHERS, our focus remained on embodying their core values of self-discovery and introspection. Combining elements from nature with digital innovations created a brand identity that communicates with precision and authority. Our choice of Neue Haas Grotesk font and a pioneering typographic system was intentional, ensuring clear communication.

The logo we designed for ØTHERS represents their commitment to honesty and anti-establishment sentiment, symbolising the concept of "mind hacking" through its dynamic sorting motif. This theme of neurological enhancement is further explored through an immersive digital experience and the integration of Art Company Mono font with an organic coding system.

In the competitive wellness world, ØTHERS shines as a pioneer, advocating for a more comprehensive approach to personal health.

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Reimagining oral care

    Visual Identity

PAIST approached us with a bold vision: to revolutionise dental care by crafting a toothpaste that combines powerful efficacy with environmental consciousness, all without the use of plastic. For six months, we immersed ourselves in bringing this vision to life, from developing their brand identity to creating an impactful online presence.

The challenge was both daunting and intriguing: How do you make people truly care about sustainable toothpaste? Our answer was simple yet effective - we focused on clear and concise messaging that clearly conveyed PAIST's unique proposition without any unnecessary fluff. This same simplicity carried over into our design approach, ensuring that every visual element embodied PAIST's mission.

PAIST are advocating for a shift towards more mindful choices in our daily oral hygiene routine. A small but significant step towards building a more sustainable future for our planet.

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Silent Songs

A Life Explored

    Visual Identity
    Art Direction

Silent Songs exist to disrupt the ambient music scene dominated by artificial intelligence and introduce high-quality, human-made music. Their goal was to enrich lives through thoughtfully curated collections that would resonate with listeners on a deeper level. As we embarked on our collaborative journey, we were tasked with creating a visual identity that seamlessly connects sound with the essence of humanness.

Inspired by the golden ratio, symbolic of natural harmony and balance, we crafted a dynamic visual language that pulsates with life. This foundation allowed us to design a system that captures the rhythm and impact of music on the human spirit, embodying its fluidity and transformative power in our daily experiences. The result of our design strategy is a cohesive visual system that unifies and transports listeners to a realm where they can experience a shift in personal vibration. Every aspect of this identity is meticulously crafted to touch the soul, inviting an immersive journey into the world of sound and storytelling.

More than just a collection of design elements, the visual identity we established for Silent Songs is a powerful narrative that celebrates the ability of music to inspire and deepen listener engagement. It stands as a testament to the profound connection between music and our inner selves and the world around us. As Silent Songs grows, its visual identity evolves alongside it, embodying a new era of music consumption that is intimate, personal, and unmistakably human. It serves as a reminder of the endless potential of music to bring us closer together and elevate our human experience.

A Running Commentary

From boutique studio to full-service

    Visual identity

The founders of Dirty Films, an established production company in the ever-changing world of film, approached us for a rebrand. They wanted to position themselves as leaders in the industry and shift perceptions from being seen as a small studio to a full-service content powerhouse.

After thriving under their original name for years, they realised it no longer represented their current direction or encompassed the breadth of their creative pursuits. To truly embody their evolving principles and aspirations, a transformation was needed, starting with a new name. Thus, A Running Commentary (ARC) was born - a statement of intent enabling them to express their work's impact without compromise.

To complement this new name, we created a visual language inspired by the intricate components of the film industry, from camera interfaces to editing software. This fresh brand expression authentically reflects the complexity and emotion inherent in film production. It seamlessly connects their past successes to a future that embraces the continual evolution of storytelling in film.


Simon Rogers
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A contemporary approach to a classic offering

    Visual Identity
    Spatial Design

When The Kettle Kids approached us with a vision deeply rooted in authenticity, optimism, and timelessness, we were eager to embark on this journey. Their connection to London's rich visual culture served as our muse, inspiring us to draw from historic hand-crafted signage, architectural nuances, and material textures.

This exploration led to the creation of a bespoke logotype, typeface, and monogram that beautifully blend the elegance of traditional typographic lettering with contemporary craftsmanship. Our commitment to a cohesive brand experience prompted us to extend this newly minted graphic language across store signage, the interior color scheme, and various printed materials, ensuring consistency and depth across all brand touchpoints.

Furthermore, we developed a digital toolkit to amplify The Kettle Kids' presence beyond the physical space, allowing the brand's essence to reach a wider audience. This project was a collaborative endeavor; alongside our spatial partners, Hesselbrand, we delved into creating a retail environment that not only reflects the brand's ambitious vision but also tells a story that's authentic and aspirational, grounding the brand experience in a narrative that resonates with both the founders' heritage and the brand's forward-looking ethos.

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Grace and Green

Conscious care for all.

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Feel more

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Dial 111


Since mid-2021, we have been developing a series of workshops following long periods of independent working. These workshops are an informal opportunity to experiment as a team through varying disciplinary and technological outputs.

'Dial 111' came from the observation of family members, clients and colleagues, scribbling on scrap paper and documents, blissfully unaware whilst on calls. We loved the marriage aesthetically of the regimented, formal documents overlaid by random collections of doodles. Studies have shown that scribbling or doodling, particularly when sitting down, opens a door to the subconscious. With that in mind, the workshop was constructed around a two-hour playlist made up of various audio clips. Each member of the studio was then asked to respond to the audio played through their headphones, using an array of different mediums. In conjunction with the audio, a cue card with instructions was selected at random before each new sound was played. These were then scanned and reassembled digitally on top of documents that were collated by the team. We then created a script that generated over 50,000 responses using the scans and documents.

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Embrace what feels natural in (and out of) the bedroom.

    Brand Strategy
    Visual Identity

With bold and daring steps, Roam forges its path into the ever-evolving landscape of sexual wellness. Breaking down societal barriers and norms, this brand aims to empower individuals to embrace their fluidity and confidently explore their desires. By providing the necessary tools, questions, and language, Roam aims to create a space where people can articulate their boundaries and needs without shame or hesitation.

Our collaboration with Roam was born from a strategic research study revealing a significant market gap—an unmet need for open and honest discussions about sexual health and well-being. This brand identity was carefully crafted to embody the spirit of liberation and exploration that fuels Roam's mission. It encourages individuals to openly and confidently explore their sexual health and pleasure while promoting a culture of safety and consent.

Roam is more than just a product; it is a movement towards de-stigmatising conversations about sex and bringing them into everyday discussions. Our design and strategic approach have resulted in a brand identity that aligns with current conversations surrounding sexuality. It represents a crucial step forward in the world of sex care, advocating for a society where discussions about sexual health are normalised and seen as essential. Roam stands for progress, inviting individuals to embrace their sexuality with confidence, curiosity, and respect for themselves and others.

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De Beers

1888 Master Diamonds

    Art Direction

De Beers, renowned for its unparalleled diamond expertise, offers an experience that illuminates the multifaceted journey of its 1888 collection, highlighting each stone's craftsmanship. This narrative weaves together the storied history and meticulous artistry behind each De Beers diamond, inviting customers to appreciate the profound journey behind every gem.

Our mission was to guide consumers through this exploration inside their flagship store. We transformed the retail environment into an immersive experience that deepened the understanding of what makes this collection of diamonds, extraordinary.

In launching the 1888 Master Diamond Collection, we designed an experiential journey highlighting the diamonds' brilliance while educating customers on the craftsmanship and history that imbue each stone with value. The in-store experience delves into the diamond's provenance and its journey to becoming a masterpiece, focusing on the critical aspects of Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat, combined with expert insights from the De Beers team.

Another key component is the diamond's packaging — a crafted box that narratively tells the diamond's journey. This package includes a book detailing the diamond's voyage from its geological origins to its final, polished state, alongside professional tools for an interactive experience.

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Born to perform

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Workspaces For Every Workstyle

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The Office Group

A new world of work

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A tranquil haven

    Visual Identity
    Art Direction
    Spatial Identity

Ballymore contacted us to create a comprehensive launch campaign for their latest venture, The Wardian. From the conceptualisation of the website and video to the photographic journal and accompanying collateral, we were tasked with capturing the essence of change within this unique development.

Inspired by the dynamic interplay of nature and time, our concept was crafted to showcase how light dances through the architecture, casting ever-changing shadows that mark the passage of time within space. Our narrative unfolded through the daily lives of three individuals, each residing in The Wardian and experiencing its amenities from the soft glow of dawn to the serene dusk. This visual journey not only highlighted the structural elegance and exceptional amenities offered but also brought to life the intimate details that make The Wardian a truly living and breathing space.

At the core of our campaign was The Wardian itself - its thoughtfully designed structure, the lifestyle it offers its residents, and its architectural significance. By showcasing the nuanced interplay of light and shadow, the dynamic atmosphere throughout the day, and the limitless possibilities for harmonious living with nature, we strived to depict not just a building but a carefully curated habitat for those seeking a balanced and vibrant lifestyle.